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Conquering Nature Despite the Cost: Hidden Motives of Pest Control

May 29, 2012


Rationalist logic tends to circle back on itself at a certain point, and recently in Maryland we have found such a case. Timothy Wheeler of the Baltimore Sun recently wrote an article about a lyme disease prevention study that involves spraying Maryland, single-family homes with bifenthrin, a known pesticide. Lyme disease, caused by being bitten […]

Goucher’s Athenaeum: A case study in going green gone wrong

April 21, 2011


The Athenaeum at Goucher College has provided me with a much-needed study environment, place to nap between classes, and more cups of terrible coffee than I care to count. It has quickly become a hub of student life and activity on campus, and I’ve mostly enjoyed having it around. However there is an aspect of […]