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Further Destroying the Right to Die: Beginnings of a Metaphysical Critique of Obamacare

July 13, 2012


Okay, Facebook friends, I get it. I’ve seen your witty political cartoons and dubiously strung together metaphors. I get that Obamacare is simultaneously ruining and furthering the nation. And to be honest, I have conflicting feelings about Obamacare. Not because it is cruel to insurance companies or because it gives people new chances at health. […]

Re: Jon Stewart’s Coverage of Occupy Wall Street

October 13, 2011


Following a fairly disappointing segment about the Occupy Wall Street movement, Jon Stewart recently gave the occupiers some decent press. On October 5th, Stewart thoroughly slammed Fox News for the hypocritical coverage the gave to the 99 Percenters. The segment calls out Fox News for championing the Tea Baggers Party for the exact same reasons […]

Occupy Baltimore rejects Sun Reporter

October 3, 2011


At the planning meeting for the Occupy Baltimore event, which is being held to demonstrate solidarity with the Occupy movements internationally, a Baltimore Sun reporter was asked to leave. The reporter was polite enough to announce herself to the facilitation team when she entered. The facilitators then asked for a vote to determine if the […]

Jon Stewart (finally) Covers Occupy Wall Street

October 1, 2011


As the Occupy Wall Street protest stayed strong well through day 12, the public was still waiting for Jon Stewart to comment. It’s not a stretch to think that the socially and politically conscious comedian would support the movement and give it the proper media coverage it deserves. In fact, I personally expected The Daily […]

#occupywallstreet: Beyond police brutality

September 26, 2011


While Occupy Wall Street, a demonstration sparked (but not led by) AdBuster’s Magazine, has been in swing for over a week now, the main stream media only recently began covering the event. And the coverage has been exclusively about the police brutality against the protesters. This subject does warrant serious media attention, since passive protesters […]

The depths of our alienation: validation via untangled necklaces

June 7, 2011


As I struggled for hours to untangle a massive ball of chains and charms knotted together by the lovely consumer population of Forever 21, I couldn’t help but feel intensely interested in the┬ádestiny of these many necklaces. Each loose necklace was a little victory, until at last the entire ball was no more and I […]

David Sanger podcast

April 26, 2011


Fist-Swinging Recap–David Sanger Here’s my first ever podcast about the David Sanger talk. Dont be to harsh =]