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Further Destroying the Right to Die: Beginnings of a Metaphysical Critique of Obamacare

July 13, 2012


Okay, Facebook friends, I get it. I’ve seen your witty political cartoons and dubiously strung together metaphors. I get that Obamacare is simultaneously ruining and furthering the nation. And to be honest, I have conflicting feelings about Obamacare. Not because it is cruel to insurance companies or because it gives people new chances at health. […]

David Sanger podcast

April 26, 2011


Fist-Swinging Recap–David Sanger Here’s my first ever podcast about the David Sanger talk. Dont be to harsh =]

David Sanger: On US interest and ideals in the “Arab Spring”

April 19, 2011


On April 14, 2011, New York Times reporter David Sanger gave a talk at Goucher College about the Obama administration and the rapidly changing conflicts in the Middle East, offering a concise summation of American interests in sites of political upheaval. Sanger elucidated American ideological hypocrisy in regards to the “Arab Spring,” shedding light on […]

Deja vu: The State of the Union delivered by Daddy Obama

January 31, 2011


The State of the Union address delivered last week was, essentially, nothing new. President Barack Obama delivered a duller amalgamation of his campaign speeches with less passion and eloquent interest. He addressed the same issues—education, the job market, new energy, taxes, health care—with nearly identical promises, but less fervor. The president offered the public reassuring […]