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Occupy Baltimore rejects Sun Reporter

October 3, 2011


At the planning meeting for the Occupy Baltimore event, which is being held to demonstrate solidarity with the Occupy movements internationally, a Baltimore Sun reporter was asked to leave. The reporter was polite enough to announce herself to the facilitation team when she entered. The facilitators then asked for a vote to determine if the […]

#occupywallstreet: Beyond police brutality

September 26, 2011


While Occupy Wall Street, a demonstration sparked (but not led by) AdBuster’s Magazine, has been in swing for over a week now, the main stream media only recently began covering the event. And the coverage has been exclusively about the police brutality against the protesters. This subject does warrant serious media attention, since passive protesters […]

Cathedral ban on Soup Runs: Because feeding the homeless just encourages them

February 28, 2011


Today BBC has reported on a potential ban of soup runs near the Westminster Cathedral. For the American among us, soup runs are instances of distributing free food to the homeless outside on public property. Kind of like a soup kitchen, except quite public and not confined to poor neighborhoods. However the Cathedral is displeased […]