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Profiting by Violating: Greg Reed Stands to Profit by Invading Women’s Wombs

February 29, 2012


The worlds of politics and business continue to become increasingly more indistinguishable. It has been revealed that Republican Senator Greg Reed, chairman of the Alabama State Health Committee who strongly supports a bill that would cause all women seeking an abortion in Alabama to first have an invasive vaginal ultrasound, is vice president of a […]

Women aren’t people: fetuses are (at least in Iowa)

February 26, 2011


There are moments in history that provide cultural clarity into our grim future. This has been one of those weeks, as two devastating bills are currently being presented in Iowa (not to mention Nebraska). The first being House File 153, which states that life begins at conception, and that this life is afforded the same […]

Misdirection and Switch: GOP’s Plan to Outlaw Abortion

February 8, 2011


Misdirection and Switch aren’t just methods of performing slight of hand. With the GOP’s HR3 “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act,” the mystical maneuvers are being carried out in Congress. The HR3 bill previously stated that abortion could not receive funding through the government or tax benefits except in cases of forcible rape. The GOP […]