Profiting by Violating: Greg Reed Stands to Profit by Invading Women’s Wombs

Posted on February 29, 2012


The worlds of politics and business continue to become increasingly more indistinguishable. It has been revealed that Republican Senator Greg Reed, chairman of the Alabama State Health Committee who strongly supports a bill that would cause all women seeking an abortion in Alabama to first have an invasive vaginal ultrasound, is vice president of a company that sells the very equipment doctors would need to use.

The ultrasound bill has already passed in Virginia, and Alabama is gearing up to be next in line. The bill requires all women seeking an abortion to undergo a transvaginal ultrasound first. The ultrasound image would be within sight of the pregnant woman, although Republicans have stopped short at forcing her eyelids open to look at it. However, in Alabama, the doctor will have to describe the image in as much detail as possible to the woman if she refuses to look.

Reed is adamant that his company, Preferred Medical Systems, would in no way profit from the sudden increase in demand for the special ultrasound equipment required to perform transvaginal ultrasounds. As of right now, Preferred Medical Systems does not sell to clinics that provide abortion services.

But can we really believe that this will remain his company’s policy after this bill becomes a law? The ultrasound will be used as a preventative measure against abortion (somehow invasive ultrasounds are better at stopping abortion than cheap contraception. Who know?), since Republicans are hoping that women faced with the humanoid shape of a fetus will be guilted into abandoning the procedure. That sounds like a mighty big loophole for Reed’s company to change its tune about selling equipment to abortion clinics. With the increased demand for the specific ultrasound wands that his company sells, it seems likely that Preferred Medical Systems will (reluctantly, I’m sure) give into demand in the name of all of those soon to be miserably born children.

A Senator who stands to profit from the ultrasound bill ought not vote on it. If you agree, drop Sen. Reed a line:

Greg Reed
800 Highway 78 East, Suite 200, #106
Jasper, AL 35501
Phone number: (205) 295-1523

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