Beyond a Hatred of Women: GOP’s stance against contraception

Posted on February 28, 2012


The GOP-particularly in recent years-has been quite explicit about their refusal to allow women into the apparently exclusive club of “people”. With policies banning abortion, encouraging victim-blaming, and treating women soldiers as detriments rather than assets, their denial woman as person is clear. But this rejection of woman not only stems from a misogynist foundation. It also comes from the State’s demand and need for women to be reproductive producers and materials.

The GOP’s outcry over Obama’s recent proposal that all employers provide their employees with insurance that covers contraception is not solely based on some mythical attack on religious freedoms. It comes from the GOP’s deep entrenchment in capitalism and desire for a corporate state (as most recently seen in Mitt Romney’s unwavering insistence that corporations are people and their rights are top priority).

In order to continue the push for a bigger and wealthier international economy, the American capitalists need an ever-increasing workforce. For the labor force to always increase, all women must be encouraged to reproduce at a young age, particularly since the younger she begins reproducing, the more workers she can bring into the world.

Not only does the State require workers, but it also demands sheer population to maintain a strong global position. A country seeking to become-or maintain its position as-a Superpower must have a population that can contend with that of other nations. Step one of this competition is merely the creation of more bodies. Women then must always be able to reproduce. Not only must contraception be beyond their grasp, but they must be confined to the home, heterosexually married, and without the option of abortion. Women’s reproduction-particularly for the GOP-all boils down to money and power. Leave your personhood at the door.

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