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Profiting by Violating: Greg Reed Stands to Profit by Invading Women’s Wombs

February 29, 2012


The worlds of politics and business continue to become increasingly more indistinguishable. It has been revealed that Republican Senator Greg Reed, chairman of the Alabama State Health Committee who strongly supports a bill that would cause all women seeking an abortion in Alabama to first have an invasive vaginal ultrasound, is vice president of a […]

Beyond a Hatred of Women: GOP’s stance against contraception

February 28, 2012


The GOP-particularly in recent years-has been quite explicit about their refusal to allow women into the apparently exclusive club of “people”. With policies banning abortion, encouraging victim-blaming, and treating women soldiers as┬ádetriments┬árather than assets, their denial woman as person is clear. But this rejection of woman not only stems from a misogynist foundation. It also […]