Corporate Personhood: Savannah Dietrich and the Value of a Citizen

July 25, 2012


Savannah Dietrich, the seventeen-year-old Kentucky girl who faced jail time for tweeting the names of her rapists, was absolved of the contempt of court charges after a social media storm (although, according to her rapist’s lawyer “the decision to withdraw the motion had nothing to do with public sentiment and online attention to the case”). So we can […]

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Further Destroying the Right to Die: Beginnings of a Metaphysical Critique of Obamacare

July 13, 2012


Okay, Facebook friends, I get it. I’ve seen your witty political cartoons and dubiously strung together metaphors. I get that Obamacare is simultaneously ruining and furthering the nation. And to be honest, I have conflicting feelings about Obamacare. Not because it is cruel to insurance companies or because it gives people new chances at health. […]

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So Much For Subtlety: MTV’s PUSH is the Ultimate in Commercialized Music

July 8, 2012


I’ll admit that I’m slow on the uptake on this one. MTV’s PUSH has been around for a while. The website boasts “former PUSH artists including global superstars like Justin Bieber, Ke$ha and Bruno Mars.” The only part of this whole PUSH thing is that now I have someone to blame for forcing me to […]

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Conquering Nature Despite the Cost: Hidden Motives of Pest Control

May 29, 2012


Rationalist logic tends to circle back on itself at a certain point, and recently in Maryland we have found such a case. Timothy Wheeler of the Baltimore Sun recently wrote an article about a lyme disease prevention study that involves spraying Maryland, single-family homes with bifenthrin, a known pesticide. Lyme disease, caused by being bitten […]

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No babysitter? That Sounds Like a Personal Problem: Goucher College’s “Child Protection Policy”

March 7, 2012


Last week, Goucher College passed its “Child Protection Policy”, which, among other things, bans children of staff, faculty, and students from being in the classroom. Not only are children banned from the classroom, but parents must pay out of pocket to hire a Goucher College approved babysitter to keep their child on campus. The policy was […]

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Profiting by Violating: Greg Reed Stands to Profit by Invading Women’s Wombs

February 29, 2012


The worlds of politics and business continue to become increasingly more indistinguishable. It has been revealed that Republican Senator Greg Reed, chairman of the Alabama State Health Committee who strongly supports a bill that would cause all women seeking an abortion in Alabama to first have an invasive vaginal ultrasound, is vice president of a […]

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Beyond a Hatred of Women: GOP’s stance against contraception

February 28, 2012


The GOP-particularly in recent years-has been quite explicit about their refusal to allow women into the apparently exclusive club of “people”. With policies banning abortion, encouraging victim-blaming, and treating women soldiers as detriments rather than assets, their denial woman as person is clear. But this rejection of woman not only stems from a misogynist foundation. It also […]

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